Department of reactor physics and fuel cycle support

Department of reactor physics and fuel cycle support (ORF) performs research and development and provides services in the service period of the fuel cycle. Our activities cover especially optimization, planning and safety assessment of core reshuffling, reactor core monitoring, criticality and shielding analyses and isotopics prediction of spent nuclear fuel. Apart from performing analyses and developing methodologies our department also develops software tools for neutron-physics calculations, develops and delivers core monitoring systems and also complex frameworks for core reshuffling. Apart from support of currently running nuclear power plants our department is active in research and development of Generation IV nuclear reactors and advanced fuel cycles.

ORF news

PIE Benchmark (ISTC #3958)
As a result of ongoing activities of the international consortium for VVER-440 spent fuel samples measurement (project #3958), whose leader is ORF, we published on the annual AER Group E meeting the specification of benchmark based on this experiment, which is suitable for simulation by current computational codes.