ANDREA macro code is a program developed in UJV since 2005. It serves for calculations of reload design and safety analyses of WWER reactors. The program is standardized according to edict VDS-030 of Czech State Office for Nuclead Safety for analyses of reactors WWER-1000.

The program solves a two-group diffusion equation with help of contemporary nodal method which ensures sufficient accuracy and speed of calculations. It enables to work with an arbitrary axial nodalization, the calculations can be carried out in one sixth of a reactor core or in a full core manner. The program has simple free-formated input files with the possibility of using templates for effectivity of the work.

Flexibility and automatization

ANDREA offers a wide range of integrated computational sequencies, e. g. for calculations of reactivity coefficients, control rod worths and for an automatic seach for the end of cycle. The course of a calculation may be controled in wide details and it is possible to modify all computational parameters without necessity of repeating the calculation, including the transition between the full-core and the sixth-symmetric calculation. Also the simple and expressive composition of the input files with the possibility of using the templates contributes to the effectivity of work with ANDREA.

Integrated system of data preparation

For preparation of macroscopic data there is a robust infrastructure at your disposal, which is parameterising the results of calculations of a convenient micro code into a simply usable library. There is a set of tools prepared for processing the HELIOS code results, neveretheless the flexible architecture of the libraries enables to use also other computational tools, eventually. The user's demandingness of the data preparation is minimized while using the graphical user interface QUADRIGA.

Lucid outputs

The output files are in XML format which enables their automatic processing at ease (e. g. for groovy safety analyses). There is the embedded module ASTRID which converts the output into the graphical and user-convenient form in the HTML format. The user interface ADÉLA for reload design follows up the code ANDREA and it enables an effective reload design in a graphical environment by the point-and-click method.