The SCORPIO-VVER Core Monitoring and Operation Support System represent an online reactor core surveillance system for continuous core monitoring and control of core characteristics.

The SCORPIO-VVER system uses the on-line plant measurements without an impact to the technology. It provides continuous monitoring of the core, evaluations of the principal core characteristics based on measurement data and results of on-line simulation, and control of Core Technical Specifications, which are significantly improves the plant operation safety and allow reliable, flexible and efficient plant operation.

Since it’s first installation, the development of SCORPIO-VVER system continues along with the changes in VVER reactors operation. The system is being adapted according the utility needs. With its flexible and modular framework it successfully responses to the plant operating needs and advances in nuclear fuel cycle strategies and fuel design. Modular framework allows for easy modifications of the system and implementation of new methods in the individual modules. These facts have been confirmed by successful upgrades and more than 12 years of reliable operation of the core monitoring system.

The Supplier and the Service organization of the SCORPIO-VVER core monitoring system is the Nuclear Research Institute Rez.